Package for 10 days (9 nights)

1st day

Arrival at the International Airport in Budapest.
Transfer to the Hotel at the Margaret Island.
Light meal (sandwiches, fruits).
Overnight: Grand Hotel Margitsziget (4-star hotel).

2nd day

Departure for Hortobágy (215 km).
Hortobágy is the largest National Park in Hungary. It has been inscribed on the World Heritage list by UNESCO in 1999 in the category of cultural landscapes.

During a carriage-drive the guests can enjoy the special atmosphere of the puszta. The sight of ancient Hungarian domestic animals such as the Hungarian grey longhorn cattle, spiral horned 'Racka' sheep, Nonius horses, herdsmen, shepherds and horse-herds are typical parts of the landscape.
Open air lunch served by the Hortobágyi Csárda Restaurant.
Proceed to Lillafüred (141km). Check-in to the Castle Hotel.
The hotel is located at the bank of Hámor Lake. One of the most picturesque places in the Bükk Hills, with the beautiful ravine-like valley of Szinva leading to it.
Superior dinner at the Hotel restaurant.
Overnight: Castle Hotel Lillafüred (3-star hotel).

3rd day

Departure for Aggtelek (91 km).
The Aggtelek National Park has been a World Heritage site since 1995. Tour in the Baradla stalactite cave (cca. 1 hour).
The 25 km long Baradla cave is the number one well known stalactite cave in Central Europe and rightly famous worldwide.
The morphological diversity, the richness of formations, the characteristic fauna, as well as the archaeological and historical value, make this cave one of the most complex underground karstic phenomena in the world.

Tourist lunch in a local restaurant.
Proceed to Eger (99 km). Make a short walking tour in the old baroque town of Eger. Wine tasting in a famous wine-cellar.

Standard dinner at a local restaurant in the dowtown.
Return to Lillafüred (42 km).
Overnight: Castle Hotel Lillafüred (3-star hotel).

4th day

Proceed to Gödöllő (174 km).
Visit the museum in the Palace - the impressing former summer residence of Queen Elizabeth (about 75 minutes).

Tourist lunch at Császárkert Restaurant in Gödöllő.
After lunch procced to Budapest (29 km).
Begin the sightseeing of the Hungarian capital. Heroes' Square, Andrássy Avenue, Opera House. Possibility to visit the interior of Parliament building or the Opera House (depending on openings).
Check in at the hotel.
Folklor dinner at a 'Csárda' restaurant in Budapest. Enjoy a folkore program with dinner (beverage included.)
Overnight: Corinthia Grand Hotel Royal (5-star hotel).

5th day

Continue the sightseeing tour in Budapest. Visit the Royal Palace, the interior of the Matthias Church, and enjoy the magnificent view from Fishermen's Bastion and Gellért Hill.

Superior lunch at a first class restaurant in the Castle district.
After lunch free time.
In the evening, Danube cruise by charter boat. Superior buffet dinner on the deck with champagne and wines.
Duration of the cruise is 90 minutes.
Overnight: Corinthia Grand Hotel Royal (5-star hotel).

6th day

Travel to Pécs, the 5th largest town of Hungary (200 km).
It was a flourishing settlement two tousand years ago, when Christianity had already appeared in the Roman Empire. The first university in the country was founded here in 1367.
During the sightseeing tour visit to the ancient Christian Tombs (World Heritage), the Cathedral, and the Csontváry Museum.

Tourist lunch at a downtown restaurant.
After lunch visit to the world famous Zsolnay Porcelain Manufactury and to the Museum (cca. 75 minutes).
Zsolnay is one of the world's premier porcelain manufactories founded in 1853. In the Zsolnay Museum, displays of the finest pieces of award-winnig Zsolnay porcelain are to bee seen.
Superior dinner at a first class restaurant in Pécs.

After sightseeing proceed to Bikal (68 km).
Superior dinner at the Castle-Hotel restaurant.
Overnight at the 4-star Castle Hotel in Bikal.

7th day

Departure for Tihany (75 km). Visit to the Abbey Church in Tihany, and enjoy the best view of the lake Balaton.

Proceed to Balatonakali 'Csárda' restaurant (15 km).
Tourist lunch accompanied by live gipsy music.
Proceed to Hévíz, the largest natural, medicinal thermal water lake in the world (58 km). Check in at the hotel.

Entrance to the territory of the lake. Enjoy the bathing facilities.
Lake temperature is 26-28°C in winter, 31-33°C in summer, so bathing is possible in the open air bath throughout the year. Due to the high water output of the spring, the water of the lake is completely changed within 48 hours.
The water of the lake has a special curative effect on the different kinds of rheumatic, muscle and nervous system's disorders.
Buffet dinner at Hotel restaurant in Hévíz.
After dinner visit to the Festetics Castle in Keszthely (6 km).

This Castle with its 101 rooms is one of the three largest baroque style castle in Hungary. The guests may enjoy a candlelight night tour (45 min.), and a mini concert (15 min.) in the castle.
Overnight: Naturmed Hotel Carbona. (4-star hotel)

8th day

Departure to Herend (110 km).
Visit to the world-famous Porcelain Manufactory and the Porcelain Museum (90 minutes). Visitors see by themselves how the bulky bats of paste are turned into the most delicate porcelain.
The Herend patterns displayed in the Museum retain the names of the prominent people who ordered them first (for example Queen Victoria, Rotschild family, Prince of Liechtenstein, and Queen Elisabeth).

Proceed to Pannonhalma (92 km).
Visit the oldest Abbey and Monastery in Hungary. Duration of the visit is cca. 75 minutes. The Pannonhalma Abbey and Monastery has been a World Heritage site since 1996.
The first Benedictine monks settled here in 996. From the time of its founding, this monastic community has promoted culture throughout central Europe. Its 1000-year history can be seen in the succession of architectural styles of the monastic buildings (the oldest dating from 1224).

After sightseeing of Pannonhalma, travel to Vienna (137 km).


1. Sopron
2. Röjtökmuzsaj (Castle Hotel)
3. Pannonhalma
4. Sümeg
5. Hévíz
6. Tihany
7. Herend
8. Bikal (Castle Hotel)
  9. Pécs
10. Villány
11. Martonvásár
12. Gödöllő
13. Visegrád
14. Hollókő
15. Parádsasvár (Castle Hotel)
16. Eger
17. Lillafüred (Castle Hotel)
18. Aggtelek
19. Tokaj
20. Hortobágy
21. Debrecen
22. Kecskemét
23. Kalocsa
24. Szeged