Illumination tours in Budapest


Great scallop with chili

2.490.- HUF

Cold goose liver 1.990.- HUF
Shrimps with garlic in white wine sauce 2.490.- HUF
Hungarian cold appetizers 2.190.- HUF
Tartar beefsteak with red onion and garlic cream sauce 1.990.- HUF


Consommé with bone marrow in bread 1.490.- HUF

Citrus cream soup with raspberry mint cream

1.490.- HUF



Roasted trout served with blue cheese sauce and parsley rice pilaf

4.490.- HUF

Pork tenderloin served with bacon and savoy cabbage garnished with egg barley risotto in Hungarian style

4.490.- HUF

Duck breast with rosemary in red wine sauce with sour cherry served with roasted potatoes and carrot

5.490.- HUF

Beef confit, carrot purée with dijon mustard, parsnip-celery purée, fried brussels, bread dumpling

3.900.- HUF

Beef steak in tomato ragout served with roasted potatoes and ruccola

7.490.- HUF
Mushroom mix risotto with parmesan cheese 4.490.- HUF

Roasted red tuna steak served with caper butter, cold red onion purée and fresh mixed salad

5.990.- HUF



Panna cotta topped with forest fruit rose jam

1.690.- HUF
”Sweet dream” chocolate cake with strawberry ragout 1.790.- HUF

Brownie topped with orange cream

1.890.- HUF